Following imagery products are available:


  • Basic products : are radiometric corrected and designed for customers who wish to develop their own value-added imagery products.

  • Precise Geometric Correction : After radiometric correction or systematic geometric correction, precise geometric correction is used ground control points to eliminate the error generated by the direct geometric positioning model and then to project the processed images on the specified earth ellipsoid surface.

  • Ortho correction products : are generated by processing standard images using ground control points and digital elevation model (DEM) to eliminate the impact caused by undulating terrains on geometric position and to project the image on the specified earth ellipsoid surfaces

  • Mosaic product : is a regional coverage product made through assembling many smaller color unified images. The product can be produced according to the coverage and resolution required by the customer. It is an ideal geo-reference data for visualization, mapping and planning

  • Pansharp products are enhanced high-resolution multi spectral images generated from corrected-middle resolution multispectral images and high-resolution panchromatic iages under the dedicated algorithms.