-Monday 3/2/2020 (Meeting with The president of University of Technology)

Dr. Riyad Abdul Hussein Mahdi (CEO of URUK system) met with Prof. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Al-Ghabban (President of the University of Technology) to discuss the joint cooperation in the space field, and sign a memorandum of understanding to build a national space project includes  launching a small satellite in low earth orbit for the purposes of scientific research, preparing a specialized studies in Aerospace engineering and building specialized laboratories to enable of receiving satellite data as well as satellite ground station.

In order to achieve these goals based on Uruksys vision, the following suggestion are introduced:

- A direct support is required from specialized international academic in Aerospace engineering.

- Establishing a new college or department in Aerospace.

- Establishing an Aerospace postgraduate studies.

- Carrying out intensive courses in Aerospace engineering for graduate students to qualifying them to work in satellite system fields.